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!!!This CYBERTEC.KZ website is unique in that you can accumulate (฿) Bitcoin Satoshi and withdraw it as money !. We guarantee the safety of your data on the site and currency in your account !.

➤ Every day (24 hours) the system credits you +20 (฿) satoshi

➤ Post in the forum for the post +1 (฿) satoshi

Referal >> 100 (฿) satoshi for each new referral

➤ Guest message +1 (฿) satoshi

➤ Other service soon... +15 (฿) satoshi

➤ Clicks on advertising on the site +3 (฿) satoshi

➤ Create a new topic for the topic +15 (฿) satoshi

➤ Bank deposit - put your (฿) Satoshi and multiply them%, and withdraw them as money!

➤ The ฿itcoin of the site is real money at the rate !. Any user can withdraw their satoshi as money to any available electronic service!

Time: 13.05.21 / 06:28 (Qazaqstan)

Site Money: ฿ITCOIN (satoshi)

min Payout: 0.05$ / PAYEER : WMZ

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Via4eslav Заработал(а) +3 (฿) сатоши! (клик)
Yesterday, 13:37
System Message!
Via4eslav Заработал(а) +3 (฿) сатоши! (клик)
Yesterday, 07:47
System Message!
Via4eslav Заработал(а) +3 (฿) сатоши! (клик)
Yesterday, 07:47


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  Forum rules

SITE RULES! (28.11.2020)

1.1 Any kind of insult on the site is prohibited (mats)
(Ban: from 1 hour to 7 days !. Periodically recurring violation: Account blocking!)

1.2. Flood and spam on the site is prohibited !. In addition to special places on the site: for example Forum!
(Ban: from 2 hours to 31 days !. Depending on the type of Spam and flood!)

1.3. It is forbidden to attach any type of files to the site containing ERO - porn materials !, pictures, audio, video files + Shock content!
(Ban: from 1 to 10 years! + account confiscation!)

1.4. It is forbidden to attach spam files + hacker programs + crackers of accounts and sites + keygens of commercial programs to the site!
(Ban: 10 years! + account confiscation!)

1.5. It is forbidden to create meaningless topics on the Forum!
(Punishment: deleting topics!)

1.6. It is forbidden to ask for loans, to do business on the site without confirmation. Details on the site!
(Ban: from 24 hours to 93 days!)

1.7. Fraud on the site is prohibited !. Any kind or type of fraud. Punished severely !. (Money, coins, (฿) bitcoin satoshi)
(Ban: 10 years + account confiscation + IP blocking!)

1.8. It is forbidden to create multiple accounts (sub-accounts). Each user on the site must have only one account!
(BAN: 9 years old!)

1.9. It is forbidden to fill your account with all sorts of obscene inscriptions with avatars and pictures!
(Ban: for the first time Alerts to immediately change your account details! The second time Ban: from 48 hours to 188 days!)

2.0. !!!Sponsored links to any site / product / service / any information of a commercial or non-commercial nature posted on the site are not an endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the administration.

2.1. It is forbidden to insult and mock languages ​​on the site! Site language - all languages ​​are allowed !. The official language of the site is ENGLISH !. The site has 3 language packs - ENGLISH, QAZAQSHA, RUSSIAN
(Ban: from 31 days to 1 year!)

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